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BattleJamshid and his homa

"Jamshid and the Lost Mountain of Light"

A book for kids
Best Children's Book Award

What’s so serious about a stolen diamond?

And why have they arrested my dad?

Questions flood through Jamshid’s mind as his life unravels. After the “Mountain of Light” is mysteriously stolen, he loses his family and is adopted by his tutor. But when he seeks answers to those questions he provokes a powerful enemy and is forced to flee for his life. Now a fugitive in the barren mountains, he encounters a legendary homa, and discovers he is capable of more than he thought. The question is: is he capable of saving the empire?

“Jamshid and the Lost Mountain of Light” is a unique blend of fantasy and ancient history, seen through the eyes of a boy growing up in the palaces of Ancient Persia.


Book reviews for: "Jamshid and the Lost Mountain of Light":

"This is a great book for kids who love adventure stories. My 10-year old could not put it down. It has humor, excitement, history and more. She loved the story, the characters and the setting and learned a great deal about a period and geography in history of which she knew little. She has rated this book among her favorites.  A  definite  must  read !! "

B. Belleville

"I Could See It Happening In My Mind!"

"Jamshid and the Lost Mountain of Light is one of my favorite books. It is definitely a tie with the Harry Potter series, which I also strongly recommend. Jamshid and the Lost Mountain of Light has so much color and flavor to it, with not too much happening at one time or too little. Perfect.

"I could paint pictures in my mind and imagine everything that was happening. It had details that made it real, and made it seem like it was happening to me, as if I were Jamshid. It starts with something almost completely different at the beginning, then it all seeps into the main plot, just like what I try to do when I write.

"I'm trying not to give away much about the plot, but it's so exciting that I must tell you a little! The main character is named Jamshid, and at the beginning he's a a normal boy with a normal life. Then, he gets a tutor and everything starts to get different, VERY different. He is a retired tutor and has a tremendous amount of wisdom. He has agreed to teach Jamshid, and after that things get wacko......
There is much more to his life than anybody else's life, I'll tell you that. It's a fantasy, it could never have happened in reality and never will, but I believe it is based on the ancient Persian myths. I think any child my age and older should read this beautifully written book."

Leah Slepoi, age 9

"Almost as good as Harry Potter!"

Child reviewer, aged 10.


"The literary world and its critics are often baffled to discover a new and powerful author they would have otherwise ignored. This has been the case of James M. Barrie with Peter Pan, Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or JK Rowling’s Harry Potter sequels. British author Howard Lee certainly belongs to this category of gifted writers. Jamshid and the lost mountain of light is one of the most enchanting children's books to have caught attention of readers."


"What is amazing in your book is the way you give life to the limestone statues we can see today in Persepolis : the protocol at the royal court of King Darius, the people, their customs, what they celebrated, their beliefs or what they ate"

"I particularly liked the battle scenes in your book between the mythological animals the Karibu and the flying Griffin Ghoreed or the secret landing on the Persian Gulf shores of the Egyptian Army led by the villainous Vizier Suliaman. It reminded me of some of Ray HarryHausen’s classic films that personally delighted me as a kid such as Jason and the Argonauts or The Golden Voyage of Sinbad or more recently like in the Swords and Sandals film Troy with Brad Pitt."